We had a small meet yesterday. 8 ppl turned up and as usual i was late. Wonder how the rest woke up that early to make it in time. By the time I reached, Photo Vijay’s had already started and as usual some brilliant questions were on display.

List of ppl who tuned up: Vijay, Sylvian,Arun(came much later than me), Murthy, myself, KN, Matti and Yaggy.

That was followed by Sylvian’s quiz and the rest followed suit. Almost everyone pitched in with quite a few questions and it ended up after two entertaining hours. The show was enjoyable and there were a lot of questions that were answered even before one could read the questions fully.

A few questions from me.

1This image was originally called “lifting up a dreamer” and was intended to be a greeting card. The image seemed to suggest a team work to achieve something difficult. The image was soon used by a particular website, when it faced outages. What is the name of the pic?

2This place would probably be the only place that is named after a newspaper. Situated in Quebec, Canada, name the place

3Which song connects Quentin Tarantino with these people
Till Lindemann

Richard Z. Kruspe

Paul H. Landers

Oliver Riedel

Christoph Schneider

Christian Lorenz
(these six are from the same band)

4.Which Google Service has this tag line on its homepage
“Stand on the shoulders of giants “


put up some more sample questions when free