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The Bombay edition of everybody’s favorite annual event  – the  Landmark Quiz 2009 was held two days ago. Here’s the scoop…

Date: 1 May, 2009
Venue: St. Andrews Auditorium, St. Andrews College, Mumbai
Conducted by: Dr. Navin Jayakumar
Turnout: ~170 teams

1st: Alagarsamy, J. Krishnamurthy, Jayakanthan: E (105)
2nd: Pradeep, Mukund, Nitish: D (65)
3rd: Sumant, Rajiv, Vibhendu: C (55+tiebreak)
4th: Vikram, Rishi, Hanisha: G (55)
5th: Souvik, Govind, Dhananjay : H (45)
Jt. 6th: Dipan, Arnab, Arka: A (40)
Jt. 6th: Suraj, Salil, Aditya G: F (40)
8th: Meghashyam, Amit G, Anand S: B (25)

Cutoff seems to be 31.5 on 40

Best Corporate Team: TIFR
Best College Team: IIT Bombay
Best School Teams: 1st: Dhirubhai Ambani Intl. School; 2nd: BJEM School
Best Team Name: ‘Pigs Fly, Swine Flu’

For the complete report, visit http://notesandstones.blogspot.com/

Here’s from the Quizmaster himself…

The turnout was 150 teams. It could have been better but for two factors:
  • Not many school teams participated owing to holidays and therefore information not reaching students.
  • The elections resulted in a long weekend – Thursday-Sunday as a result of which a lot of people had left for a holiday break and skipped quizzing and voting!
  • The hall however was about 90% full – probably another 25 teams and it will start to overflow.
  • The audience feedback was good and augurs well for next year.

PS: There is a distinct possibility that Delhi and Hyderabad will be joining the Landmark Quiz circuit from the next season.

You can download the prelims questions as a word file here:

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