“Out of the blue, as promised, of a newly opened
Puzzle-rental shop the puzzle comes —
A superior one, containing a thousand hand-sawn,
Sandal-scented pieces. Many take
shapes known already — the craftsman’s repertoire
nice in its limitation — from other puzzles:
Witch on broomstick, ostrich, hourglass,
Even (not surely just in retrospect)
An innocently-branching palm. “

Our invite to the next edition of Champions League on Saturday morning 10 AM. The “superior One” is Sreeram aka cricinfo aka statsguru…

Venue is: 2nd Floor, Corporation Complex, 3rd Main Road, Opp to Kaliappa Hospital (now known as Billroth Hospital), Raja Annamalai Puram, Chennai 600028.

Please be on time – there will be a written prelims followed by a finals.

Ob qns:

1. What were the two names adopted by Rajinikanth in the movie Sivaji – the boss?

2. This town/ city is an important agricultural center located at the heart of the region, known as the “rice bowl of Tamil Nadu”. This is also the largest producer of rice in Tamil Nadu, and perhaps South India. Identify this culture-rich city.

3. The famous tale of naming this hindi film by Subhash Ghai was after hearing the music. So basically one of those rare movies that were named after the music was composed. What movie and who was the music director?


1. Sivaji and MGR
2. Tanjore
3. Taal and the God of Music, AR Rahman