(Karthik Narayan)

A new venue, enhanced infrastructure and kids for a champs league – those were the highlights of this edition of the Champs League. It was a smug saturday morning, one that we all would have loved to snuggle up and sleep, thanks to the overnight rain in the middle of the Chennai summer. There were a handful of us adults, the venue was totally new to most of us – I spent half the morning attending phone calls and directing people to the venue – an office room in a busy complex in Raja Annamalai Puram. There were kids, who had come for our summer camp that were also present – eager to watch and be part of a bigger league.

Murthy, Yaggy and I arrived first. Ramana, Sreeram walked in later, followed by Saha, Sana, Matti, Photo Vijay & Arjun Siva. Champ Sreeram (statsguru/ cricinfo) told us that it would be a simple quiz with a written round of 43 questions. I wondered why it should not be 42 and asked Sreeram about it. Sreeram exercised his Miranda rights and merely smiled. We all wondered what that smile would mean.

Some of the core guys were missing in action – Hantan, Vinod didn’t turn up. A lot of the regulars for champs league like Kabala, Karaboudjan, Harish, Gopal were all not available for comment. It looked more like a Press Conference without a lady presenter, inspite of the glam of a projector, a first in IQL meets.

The questions were superb – no doubt about the effort that Sreeram had put in for these questions!! Some of the questions were too good for us. But at the same time, there were enough clues to keep you glued. I missed the majority of the quiz since I was on the phone most of the time. But end scores revealed that it was a high scoring one – Ramana topped the quiz with 25 correct answers out of 43. The others were not far behind. I had scored a paltry 3 from the dozen questions that I had been able to attempt!! As and when the answers were revealed, Ramana gave all of us – especially the children lots of gyaan on how the whole thing came about.

Overall, this was one of the best Champs League meets ever!! Thanks Sreeram for the great quiz, and congrats Ramana on winning (this in fact was Ramana’s first appearance at an IQL meeting and WOW!!). We look forward to the next session already, scheduled to happen in June.

Some qns are here in the file; answers to be posted through the comments section…

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