After a hectic, fast paced work-week, all of our quiz-enthusiastic members look forward to the weekend like never before for two reasons – more sleep and more quizzing!!

After a gap of nearly a month, the IQL regular meetings became regular again. With a relatively new venue and minus the coffee & comfort of a coffee day, the handful of us who landed up at the venue amidst the ever increasing Chennai heat were doing ok. Yaggy, Patrick, Sana, Vinod, Photo Vijay, Suraj Tewari and Matti were present apart from KN.

Matti had to leave early so he started with his usual ten questions. Then Vijay took over and brought out a quiz that had been hosted at CEG. KN was next with some current affairs questions (with a heavy dose of Roger Fed and the French Open). Sana closed out the meeting with some questions from a quiz that he had been part of. Ajay joined the meeting quite late (at around 6.30 PM).

Overall, we all had quite a lot of fun even without the food. The good part about the whole meeting was most of us were able to answer questions without much trouble, which means either we are getting better or the questions were simple. We prefer the first reasoning for obvious reasons.

Missing in action were Hantan, Kabala, Harish and Murthy, our other regulars.

Hope to see more action in the coming meetings.

Here are some questions from the meeting:

1. At the age of 29, he was elected as a Member of Parliament (MP) for the Lincolnshire constituency of Louth in a by-election on 4 December 1969. He gave up politics, was knighted instead, for his services to the world of books. Currently in India for his book Paths of Glory, which is a pathbreaking story of how a certain George Mallory might have been the first to reach Mt.Everest and not Hillary as many think!! Who?

2. Who are the only two Prime Ministers in the history of Indian politics to have returned for a second term after completing a full 5 year term?

3. Which was the first song in which AR Rahman sang and appeared on screen in the video?

4. Roger Fedrer won 3 out of the 4 Grand Slam titles in a year 3 times – 2006, 2006, 2007. The other slam winner in 2006 and 2007 was Nadal. Here is the question. In 2004, the French Open was won by an Argentine Player, nicknamed “El Gato” – the cat Who is the player

5. During the 2009 IPL season, Eddy Grant sang the song “Gimme hope Jo’anna”, what does the Jo’anna refer to in this song?

1. Sir Jeffrey Archer
2. J.Nehru and Manmohan Singh
3. Vande Mataram
4. Gaston Gaudio
5. Johannesburg, it was dedicated as a memory to the people of South Africa who suffered the cruelty of apartheid.