The IQL team was involved in the Organizing Committee of the inaugural Twitter Unconference titled Buzz140! in Chennai on June 21, 2009. Even though the venue was quite far away from the heart of the city (Bang in the middle of OMR is like 30 kms from the city center), quite a few tweeps turned up.

After the morning sessions of buzzing around and a rather nice and heavy lunch (delicious too), the IQL team sprang into action with the quiz. There were around 60 odd teams (teams of two each) that participated in the prelims (some of the 150 odd people that turned up for the event left after lunch). The Prelims hosted by Hantan had 20 questions with in-built tie breakers.

This being a technology oriented quiz, most of the questions hinged on current affairs and latest technological devices and news. Barring one incident where a couple of teams resorted to cheating (googling, copying – you name it, you got it), the answer sheets were turned in. Tense moments followed as the answers were revealed and corrections were made. Six teams made it to the finals with a cutoff of 8.5 and lots of teams ranging on the 7-8 band! A close call for the organizers, no doubt.

Karthik Narayan hosted a rather quickfire, fun-oriented and tech-savvy final. Notable names amongst the finalists were Sylvian Patrick, Ajay Parasuraman, Kalai (college quizzer). Some of those who did not make it but were apparently close to qualifying – Aditya, Nambirajan, the gang from Anna University… The final consisted of three simple rounds – round one was a Twitter based round – with questions based on tweets, and within 140 characters. This premise ensured the questions were short and sweet!! Round two was an innovation of cryptic clues to identify technology websites and people associated with technology. The quiz ended with the last round which was a grid where teams could pick their questions and answer. The quiz ended with a photo-finish where three teams on equal scores. Eventually as many as 4 tie breakers were required to separate the Best of two teams out of three!!

Kalai & his teammate won the quiz on the penultimate question and Sylvian Patrick and his team mate Ahmed won on the last question which ran on Sudden Death!! The audience had their share of the fun with questions redirected at them which they answered with glee. They were also highly appreciative of the quiz and the questions.

That’s one more feather in IQL’s cap to have been there at the action spot!! Thanks to TKF for the opportunity and congrats to the research team of KN, Hantan and Murthy who put together this quiz!!