It was a nice calm Coffee World when we all came for the Champs League by Ramana. Whether the ambience took from Ramana or vice versa, we do not know, but the ace quizmaster of many a quiz was at his best.

The content was a mix of 30 questions – contemporary, ethnic, mythological and a lot Indian than we would have imagined. For some of the questions we missed the answer between two probable answers – the place where Rama first meets Sugriva was a classic example. The answer was of course Rishyamukha hill… some of us wrote Kishkinta and the like.

Overall a lovely quiz – Vinod Hariharan lead hands down with 44 points, leading a whopping 20 points ahead of Matti and yours truly. Others were in the 16-20 band.

We look forward to the next edition – hoping Malcaluffin (as Vinod is known popularly in online quiz blogs) will spare us the embarassment of a tough quiz 🙂