(review by KN)

Malcaluffin the Magnificent made us all shudder – it was either his “online” presence and the reputation he held or the skull picture on his t-shirt. To imitate the amiable Rahul Dravid, On the popular quiz blogs, first there is God. Then there is Malcaluffin!!

This edition of the Champs League was also the farewell for Raghuvansh who was leaving for the US for his MS. So also Ajay who was in his last weekend tango with Chennai. The hot and humid sun did not deter us. Us here denotes Yaggy, Matti, Gopal Kidao, Renu, Ramana, Sana, Hantan, Murthy, Roopam, Raghuvansh, Arun, Ajay and me. Whoever won today would surely have the upper hand, for this script was a totally new one compared to last season. Amongst the regulars, only person who did not come was Sylvian who had to go to office on saturday to attend a quiz!!

The questions were of high standards – to cater to the many quality quizzers and to butter the respect that Malcs had earned. While 30 questions stared us in the face, answers did not.

10 questions into the quiz, Murthy, Roopam and Hantan came in looking like guys who had missed half the movie. When the 30 questions were done, we had a very quick recap. 4 points per correct question with some part points up for grabs, we all hoped to get closer to the magical number of 50-60 to stay in the hunt.

In the end, it was Ramana yet again who shone like the diamond ring of a solar eclipse. Gopal Kidao gave a strong fight to get to 56; Raghuvansh, Arun, Matti, Sana, Yaggy all weren’t far behind. I scored exactly half of Ramana’s score – 36.

Overall, a good set of questions, a great reprive for Patrick (inspite of all this, he did not win the quiz in his office!!) and a good hearty thanks to all those who turned up and for Vinod H for the great quiz.

This season of the Champions League is very quickly warming up for a grand showdown – with Ramana winning two editions, the best is yet to come out of the rest of us quizzers.

Some questions from the edition

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