The IQL hosted the kidscafe quiz for the second time running, on 25th July 2009. It was a fun filled event, an evening enjoyed thoroughly by the kids and by us.

The quiz masters for the day were Malculuffin and Hantan (self). KN handled the slides and the official scorer for the day was Lakshmi (KN’s wife). The quiz was held at the Accord Metropolitan, a choicy venue with a transient ambience and wonderful lighting. Malc and I were giving the finishing touches to the presentation when a few curious (cute would be the appropriate word but its a quiz report you see) kids started trickling inside and gracefully chose seats and sat with an air that commanded respect. As the number of kids started increasing,the length of my smile also increased in direct proportion, the prospect of the fun that was about to begin looming deliciously in front of my eyes.

After everyone settled down, Malc took the stage and introduced us, and gave a small introduction about IQL and set a few ground rules for the quiz and started off with the quiz. Kids were divided into teams and they came up with cute teamnames, the kind that reminds you of the name we used to give for ourselves in similar competitions. What followed were five rounds of pure fun! The quiz was full of visuals, very few dry questions and two interactive rounds. The challenge round saw teams vying to get themselves challenged with the decibel levels reaching quite a frenzy. A few guesses by various teams left the whole room in splits and the enthu showed by the kids was at its infectious best.

Malc was dignity personnified and the way he handled the event left this co-quizmaster reaffirm the fact that Malcu shall be his favorite quizmaster for a long time to come. I duly played the second fiddle and did my best to match the standard set by him. The dumb charades round was more of a dance show where teams were trying to mimic famous personalities and the round ended leaving a room full of laughing faces and hands full of multiple chocolates.

The organizers were there to help us and we thank them for being a really great help throughout the event.

To sum up, it was a fun filled b’day present for KN, presented to him a day in advance. A wonderful show, by the kids and thanks a ton to them for making our day.

P.S: just for the record, Team Chennai Superstars came first while Team Strawberry came second.