What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say….. MADRAS?

What does Madras mean to you? Marina Beach? Central Station? Chennai Citi-Center? Sathyam Cinemas? Filter kaapi, idli-vada-sambhar, Sangeetha Restaurant….

We got these and more…

Presenting the Madras Quiz 2009!! Here’s where you can sing happy birthday, and learn more about the city you have loved to hate and hated to love for your own special reasons!!

So you think you know everything about Madras? Come, brag about it at the Quiz…

Hard facts:

Quiz by: IQL
Date: Aug 23, 2009 Sunday at 2.00 PM.
Teams of two- no registrations required.
Prelims followed by finals.

Teaser questions:

1. This place gets its name from the tamil for “Place of coconut trees” due to the coconut groves that once existed there. Which area/ locality in chennai?

2. The children in Vidyasagar’s udavum karangal were helped by the sculptors of Cholamandalam to create some sculptures which were bought by corporate group. Which group?

3. A construction company has come up with a unique offer of having school in their newly developed township. Which school has consented to have their premises inside the township.


1. Teynampet
2. Ashok Leyland
3. Padma Seshadri

Here’s a poster for the BIG EVENT!!


Team IQL

madras quiz poster.001

madras quiz poster.002