(By Karthik Narayan)

It is September and yet both the quizzing and the weather in Chennai remain HOT!! After a week’s break, the IQL meetings commenced again, with renewed vigour.

The turnout was good, stressing the heat and post a hectic work-week: Apart from me, there were Sylvian Patrick, Matti, MS Rajendra Prasad, Murthy, Vijay Govindarajan, Pranav and Guru (Pranav’s dad). Some of the regulars did not turn up owing to their commitments – Sana (get well soon), Malcaluffin (come back soon), Hantan (all the best), CAT-woman (all the best)…. and some others who promised to come also did not come. So we shook our heads on the minor disappointments and moved on.

The IQL had its youngest member in Pranav, Class 5 who has been answering questions that some of us others have been unable to. Not only that, he also had his own battery of questions that he set against the rest of us. Definitely an upcoming quizzer!!

This was a meeting where everyone had questions and most of us had answers. Murthy had his own share of geography questions, MSR brought some technology stuff, Pranav had a mix of everything, Sylvian brands himself as a biz quizzer and we knew why!! My quiz was more a mix of current affairs with some entertainment questions. Matti had promised some kick-ass questions and he had us all caught in a loop of awesome business questions. We did our best to crack some of them, but 7-8 out of 20 questions went unanswered. But when the answers were revealed, we went “OMG how did I miss this!!”. For example, the logo of Marg…!! Can you believe that!!

Not to say we were all out of touch, but we learnt not to get complacent at any stage – especially ahead of the big quizzes like Mitesh Agarwal’s biz quiz at MOP Vaishnav on Sep 19th and Tata Crucible on Sep 27th!! And the fact that the quality of questions has been improving with every meeting, we can only become better quizzers.

After a long time I felt satisfied that I had answered quite a few questions and at the same time had my share of quality questions to ask the others.

Typically, that’s what we come to IQL meets for – lots of learning and fun. Attached are some questions from the quiz…