Woo Hoahhh.. So you would have read about the format changes in IQL weekly Meetings from the previous post by KN. We want to make it exciting and more entertaining for all the quizzers around. As a club, we also thought we should create a platform for upcoming quiz masters…So we are doing some radical changes in the club activities.

So there will not be any meeting for this weekend and the next weekend as it is a Diwali weekend. Enjoy watching Blue and Aadhavan, eat diwali sweets and make merry with crackers..Have a wonderful Diwali.

So are we going on a hiatus? No not at all.. We are just taking a break from the normal routine and working on revamping  the club activities. So we will be back in two weeks from now.

The Indian Quizzing League weekend meetings will be back in its new avatar from October 25th, 2009 with a Lone-wolf  Quiz by Aniruddh (Karaboudjan, as he is better known in quizzing circles).  Wait for the detailed invite next week…

See you in two weeks from now…

Quizzically Yours