…you’ll smell the smoke as someone bags all the points. We hope for your sake that you are that guy getting everything, in which case, happy watching the others fume!!

…you’ll hear shouting from a fight about to break out discussing a question/ answer. Better yet, you might be the guy fighting to win!!

…you’ll help yourself gain more confidence, and help the person who has lost his.

… you’ll be able to hear your own heartbeat go “dhak, dhak” as you race to the finish to win the quiz. Yay!!

…you’ll be able to set your own standards and prove to your friends and most importantly test your quiz reflexes.

…Pantan is back in India, and he has promised to sponsor a prize for the best quizzer of this meeting – Hold your breath for: a date with Pantan!!

Saving the best for last, quizzing will be more like living and less like watching television. Provided you don’t sell TVs for a living, this should hold good!!

For the remaining¬†94 reasons, you might have to come to the meetings and find out for yourselves. Maybe, we’ll even let you write those down for us…

Here’s how you can make it to the meeting:

4.30 PM this Saturday, Nov 14, 2009. Unless you’ve promised your kid that you’ll take him out or something. And of course, our very own Rain God who promised to be nice to us this weekend!!

Venue: No.8, 2nd Floor, Corporation Complex. Diagonally opp Kaliappa Hospital/ Opposite Arun Ice cream/ Tic tac videos. RA Puram, Chennai 28.


1. Pray it doesn’t rain!!

2. Bring 10 questions along

3. Pantan is around, so don’t bring food to the meeting. He’s ever ready to sneak a snack

4. Did we mention 10 questions already?

5. We don’t have a No.5 to this list.


Team IQL