Tuesday December 1

17:20 hrs

KN asked me to write this review two days ago. I read his SMS 2 times before I deleted it. I have never written anything like this before. What to write, what do I do?

This is what I did, in the end, after a heated discussion with my client on what I need to write for the IQL Champs League review, a meeting that was stalled for nearly a month.

I thought of thrashing Malcaluffin as I saw him, but forget about it. Let’s quiz!!

This is what I remember of that day. Anyone else, who has a better memory, add comments!

Saturday November 28

17:45 Hrs

Me, Pantan, Malc, Sana, Pat went to Sangeetha for our usual dahi-vada-poori-coffee. Pantan didn’t eat anything, he was fasting (for that few minutes). Pat told us about his romantic adventures in the islands of Bali, when Happy Hours are at 10 PM to 12 AM & city wakes up only after 12 PM. I was wow, a place to definitely go.

I cracked a joke that inspite of going to Indonesia, Patrick could not crack a question in today’s quiz, but it went unnoticed under all the laughter from Vinod and Sana and the scrunching of Pantan.

For the record, Pantan ordered sambhar vada and filter coffee. Ask me why? This is like Memento, you work back to know why I tell you this.

That reminded me that my coffee was getting cold. I rest my case…

17:30 Hrs
I have to go to doc said KN. Give the keys at home after you lock up the place.
I smirked a bit but I said fine. I was still sore about my two pointer.

17:00 Hrs

All questions done, I was happy that I got 2 correct – Amethyst & VSSC (No one should actually be, that’s a very bad score). Mesopotamian script was what I wrote, but Malc was looking for Cuneiform on another question. I didn’t get the Lambodara answer & I was guessing (in my mind) it was some Kubja. Zodiac sign Cancer is pronounced as Karkatakam in Sanskrit and the island of Krakatoa whose famous volcano erupted a long while ago is named after it. Some parrots too remember it I guess, since their voice has passed down the generations in the same way. I wasn’t one of them, so I didn’t get his either.

In short, fellas, I was stooped down to the levels of a starter. Not that I really cared. There was a newcomer, a school kid who might have scored a bit more than me, but I still don’t care. But what I do feel for was the fact that I could not get 2 Hindu mythology questions correctly. It goes without saying that the only guy that actually got both right was KN!!

The quiz had some really rough questions. I don’t say tough, I say rough, because those are the questions which are like an old blade trying to shave off a jungle of a beard. The ride is very bumpy, lots of stops and of course, you do get stuck up a lot of times. The quality of the questions were quite high, sometimes beyond my brains.

It really helped that for every correct answer, we got 4 points. Otherwise even Gopal Kidao’s 19 correct answers out of 35 would have looked pathetic. Overall, the scores ranged between my 2 pointer and 71 by Gopal. A long way to go for a lot of us out here.

Also, one felt that the point scoring for short visual round was a bit of a let down. Ranging from 20 and -10, it was a disappointment for many to risk their positions. Of course, in some of our cases, like me and the kid next to me, we couldn’t have done much even with a 20 pointer in the end, anyway.

Luckily for Gopal, since he was so good that inspite of the 5 point negative he still won the quiz. Mario followed very closely on his heels with 67 points. JK and Yaggy were somewhere near him.

The rest of us grumbled and left the place.

Drat, my two pointer!!

Three Cheers to the QM Malc for hosting one more Champs League successfully. Congrats to Gopal for establishing his stake as one of India’s best quizzers.

16:31 hrs

I looked at KN and Sana. Serious faces, trying to work out answers that never came. I went back to my thoughts about what I would eat today after the quiz. More importantly, what would Pantan order?

16:13 hrs

I stepped in to see a bunch of guys staring closely at the laptop. The quiz had begun, I was late, as usual.

15:11 to 15:38 hrs

Malc – I’m coming by auto. Will be there by 4. Wat about you?
KN – Whr r u
BVR – 12 b, pondy bazar traffic
KN – Dai z did you go hme? Mtg starts in 5 mins
BVR – Ya i went and started back
KN – Y da
BVR – Movie over by 3. What to do for 1 hr.
BVR – Anyways crossing mount rd now.
KN – Guys hav cme. Gopal kidao as well!
BVR – Ok. What about Qm?
KN – Yup
BVR – Good. I got down. Will take auto from alwarpet signal. Should be there in 10 min.
KN – Gr8 cme fast
BVR – In auto.

12:00 Hrs

saturday is a busy or lazy day for me. Depends how I take it. This time I felt I had a gust of energy, woke up by 7, breakfast, washed clothes & cleaned the house (wow I did it again).

Weekends are usually my movie days. So I always plan to sit late night on Tuesday to book a ticket for the weekend movie at Sathyam. You may ask why only Sathyam, but if you give it a try you too will fall for the same. It was the Champs League this time and my movie got over at 3.