A quick update on today’s meeting. We did not have many takers for the meeting. JK, Patrick, Anirudh, Mario, Ajay, Hari and myself were the only people apart from lots of other strangers in coffee world. But we had good fun.

Here are questions from today’s quiz. Do try your hand at the same. Post answers as comments. (Obv the peepul mentioned above can’s answer)…

1.  Which media mogul has taken a 37% stake in Spice Jet Airline and has open bid for a controlling stake in the same airline? The company name he has used to take the stake is called “KAL”

2. In which series you can find a scientific organisation Dharma Initiative, which didexperiments in the island featured in the series?

3. An Assamese by birth, he had his Masters in Social Anthropology from OxfordUniversity. He edited papers with The Telegraph and lter joined NDTV. After asuccessful stint, he launched an English News Channel partnering with a popularmedia group. He was awarded the Ramnath Goenka Award for Excellence inJournalism for 2010. Who is this interesting journalist?
4. If it’s Weekend for Hindu, what is it for the Indian Express?
5.  The Kannada movie “nanna nanna kanasu” marked the directorial debut of a famous actor from South Indian movie world. He remade his own whiche he produced and acted in Tamil. Identify the actor
1. Kalanidhi Maran
3. Arnab Goswami
4. Indulge
5. Prakash Raj