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The IQL would be hosting its annual “India Unplugged – the India Quiz” on February 6th this year at Chennai. We are also hosting the “India Quiz” at NIT Durgapur as a part of its Quizotica on 5th February at Durgapur. In light of this, we have prepared some teaser questions from some of our old quizzes, just to get you started. The answers may be left as comments to this post, but they won’t be tabulated. Set 1 was at this post here. Set 2 is right below 🙂

India Quiz Teaser Set 2

All the best. Answers will be posted on 4th February (11.29 pm).


Sorry for the delay in the answers. Here are the answers in the file below 🙂

Teaser Set 2 (Answers)


Varun Reddy

(For Team IQL)