(Karthik Narayan)

I met some quizzers. I liked some, some liked me…. But on the whole, I learnt a little. A little thing is too dangerous too. You’ll find out soon about that. Read on.

Better Knowns – BKNS: are the guys who know almost everything; the patterns, formats, have adequate knowledge and have won/ qualified for almost all the quizzes they participate in (and they attend every quiz within the geographical location called earth). They tend to start most answers with “basically the funda is” or such stereotypes and mostly are correct about their answers. Everyone knows them by name, gender, age, class and what they do or not do at work etc. They are also the cursed ones because those who don’t qualify cuss at ‘em for doing it everytime.

Unknown Knowns – UKNS: quizzers who are equal or just about knowledgeable as BKNS but just miss out on the cusp of qualifying – either on the tie breakers or by half points, quarter points and all fractions possible in scoring. They go “WTH/F” everytime they don’t qualify and it is said that their near-misses of quiz winnings were stacked up and valued by Fortune mag to be more than the wealth of Bill Gates and Carlos Slim put together. Sometimes also called WTFO or WTF Ones.

Watch and learns – WALs: typically are people who come to watch quizzes. Perennially these are guys who travel far and wide just to sit and watch others wreck their brains out at tough quizzes. They sit through the quiz – even the Quizmaster has doubts about leaving mid-way but not these guys. Sometimes they answer a question here and there and get some audience prizes for their efforts of coming all the way. But its not the motivation. Just being there is.

Tour-A-Quiz or TAQs: by and large these are the guys who have the maximum fun in any quiz. They have no worries about the quality of questions or whether they qualify or not. They turn up at every quiz with either their families or all their school or college mates. For a lot of guys who lose touch with friends, such quizzes – especially the big ones like Landmark are good for reunions. They might even throw in a “family song” of sorts. Whoever says “quizzing is fun” almost always refers to only these guys, I guess.

The final category is perhaps the most wanted ones in the quizzing community.

WARSAW or Write-A-Review-Start-A-War: these are the “Polish”-ed guys who think they got guts, taking themselves seriously, writing out articles and reviews about quizzes they visit. They even try to impress the quizmasters by adding something about ‘em, in vain hopes of garnering questions from the prelims; sometimes they even write down some of the finals questions in short-code that even a steno might kill for a job like that. These guys get the whip everytime they mention names and that, in the particular field is a given and totally mandatory.

So you think you fit under any of the above? Do post your comments.

PS: If you have read all the above, and find you are not one of any of the categories – then you must be a girl!