Some time ago, we cropped up the line, “hasta la vista” on this very blog when IQL was taking a break; but it’s time to quote another Arnie corny line “I’ll (we’ll) be back”.

And we are back!! Yes folks, IQL meets are all set to begin this month. We wouldn’t say “reborn” but there are some radical changes from the previous format for our sessions. The new format is as under:

There would be 3 meets a month. Saturdays 4PM at Zha Cafe, Adyar. Open to anyone aged 10 years and above (there might be some PG rated questions in there!)

Week 1 – TQC (Ten Question Challenge) is a general format; everybody brings 10 questions and presents their ten at the meet.

Week 2 – Masters of the Universe. This is where 1 or 2 guys present a full quiz with a beginning, a middle and an end (prelims-finals).

Week 3 – Topicana: here’s where you can show off  your genius at science/ tech/ mythology/ entertainment / sports. Entirely topical. Make 10 qns in a topic of your choice and make us reel under your spell!!

Here’s to the new format – cheers!

The first meet following this format will be announced shortly.

Thanks and be there!

Team IQL