Hi friends

Not a great response for the third quiz too, perhaps it was tad tougher than the earlier ones. Hence I’ve kept the Business Quiz open till Monday – because some of you seem to be busy on weekdays.

Presenting the 4th Quiz (Penultimate quiz) of the 5-quiz series, the Entertainment quiz. 10 questions, 25 points, 4 days i.e. till Monday i.e. 24th October, 2011 (Monday) 10 pm 🙂 I will try to stick to the schedule this time onwards.

Link for the Entertainment Quiz: Anniversary Quiz 4 – The Entertainment Quiz

Link for the Business Quiz (Open till Monday too!): Dirty Minds – The Business Quiz (Anniversary Quiz 3)

And as I mentioned before, Googling is not preferable, but we can’t stop you from doing so if you wish to 🙂

Answers and scores will be up by 11:59 pm 24th October, 2011 on this same page (if the laptop and data-card works in the Train)


Varun Reddy

Member, IQL.