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All answers to be attempted on the Wrimo India blog please!

A brief history of the India Quiz by IQL

India Quiz 2012

All, The Indian Quizzing League will host its premier event “India Unplugged” on Jan 26, 2012 in Chennai.

For those who come in late, India Unplugged is IQL’s humble tribute to our nation in the form of a quiz entirely about India. As our quiz goes into its fourth edition, the IQL group is proud and happy to invite teams from Chennai and other cities to block your calendars for the same. Keep your date with India’s Republic Day and reward yourselves for knowing your country!!

Date: Jan 26, 2012 (Thursday)

City: Chennai, India

Time: 9.30 AM onwards

Team composition: teams of three each, no prior registration required.

We will post details of the venue closer to D-Day.

Thank you!

Team IQL

Keep watching for more updates on the quiz and our other forthcoming events.

Ob qns:

1. Sura, the grandfather of Sri Krishna, was a worthy scion of the Yadava race. His daughter Pritha was noted for her beauty and virtues. Since his cousin X was childless, Sura gave his daughter Pritha in adoption to him. From that time she was known by the name of Y after her adoptive father.

2. The members of which dynasty are named after the “star” at the time of their birth?

3. The movie “Dhobi Ghat” has supposedly five lead characters, according to the director of the movie. However, actual counting reveals only 4: The film stars Aamir Khan, Prateik Babbar, Monica Dogra, and Kriti Malhotra. Who supposedly is the fifth?


1. Pritha’s “new” father was Kuntibhoja, hence she took her name as Kunti. Arjuna takes his other name Partha from his mother’s “maiden” name Pritha.

2. Venad Kulasekara Dynasty aka Kingdom of Travancore

3. The city of Mumbai

All ye veterans and yuppies,

We are looking for Quizmasters for our next Masters of the Universe meeting scheduled to happen in the 2nd/ 3rd week of Sept 2011.

For the uninitated, MOTU is our lone-wolf quiz format that happens each month. The quiz would be in a written prelims and “vocal” finals format. Ideally, a quiz has around 20-25 qns in the prelims and 30-35 qns in the finals including themes/ written rounds etc. In short, its a full blooded quiz but since its lone wolf, the number of questions are toned down.

If anyone is interested, please drop in a comment here.


Team IQL